How Do You Finish Knitting a Scarf?

To finish a knitted scarf, you must cast off your last row. This involves knitting two stitches and pulling the lower one over the upper one and off the needle. When you reach the last loop, you pull the thread through and pull it tight.

  1. Make initial cast off stitches

    Hold the needle with the scarf in your left hand. Knit two stitches onto the right-hand needle. If you were using a purl stitch, then purl the cast off stitches to avoid a misshapen end.

  2. Begin casting off

    Slide the left-hand needle beneath the stitch on the right-hand needle closest to your hand. Carefully pull this stitch over the one closer to the tip of the needle, then off the needle. Let the stitch drop, but be sure to retain the other. Knit another stitch onto the needle, and repeat the process until you have no stitches on the left-hand needle.

  3. Finish end of scarf

    Cut the yarn a few inches from the needle, then carefully pull the last loop off the right-hand needle. Feed the end of the yarn through the loop, and pull it gently until the loop is roughly the same shape as the rest of the row.