How Do You Finish the Corners When Binding Blankets?


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To finish a mitered corner, stop stitching 3 1/2 inches away from the corner, and gather the corner material in a fold. Fold the excess material down so that it is even with the outside edge of the binding, and pin the material in place. Sew around the corner to the end of the binding. Come back to the corner, and stitch along the fold and then, backstitch at the top and bottom of the corner fold.

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When folding the corner down, make sure the fabric is smooth before pinning it in place. To finish corners with a binding foot, finish the raw edge of the blanket with a zigzag stitch, and thread the binding through the binding foot. Adjust the slot as needed to fit the binding. Place the blanket in the binding foot slot, and begin stitching the binding.

At the corner, flip the excess material so that it forms a 90-degree fold that is even with the inside edge of the binding. Pin the material in place. Place the corner in the binding foot, remove the pin, and sew over the corner. Begin stitching precisely on the mitered corner to achieve the desired results, and backstitch over the corner to secure the material.

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