How Do You Finger Knit?

How Do You Finger Knit?

To finger knit a chain, weave the yarn over and under the fingers twice, loop the yarn all the way around the fingers, pull the loops over and continue the process until the desired length is achieved. Finger knitting takes a few minutes to an hour, depending on the project, and it requires yarn and scissors.

  1. Loop the yarn

    Hold on to the end of the yarn with your thumb and forefinger. Loop the yarn around the pinkie, under the ring finger and over the top of the middle finger.

  2. Weave back

    Wrap the yarn around your index finger, then weave it under the middle finger and over the ring finger. Loop the yarn under and then around the pinkie.

  3. Loop the yarn around

    Pull the yarn over the tops of all four fingers, around the pointer and back to the pinkie. You should have a complete loop around the four fingers.

  4. Complete the first weave

    Starting at the pinkie, slip the finger loop on the underside over the whole-hand loop. Repeat this process across all four fingers. The woven part should be on the back of your hand.

  5. Continue knitting

    Repeat the whole process of weaving between the fingers and looping around the whole hand until your chain is the desired length.

  6. Cast off

    Cut the yarn so that only a 10-inch tail remains. Pull this tail through all four loops around your fingers. Tie it off after the final loop, and weave the tail back through the finished product. Trim the remaining end.