How Do You Finger Crochet?


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Finger crocheting replaces a large crochet hook in any regular crochet pattern. It can be difficult to complete stitches requiring a large hook and a thicker gauged yarn, and using an index finger is a great compromise.

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A crochet hook larger than a size eight can be hard to find. Luckily, adult index fingers are usually comparable to hooks sized 10-15. In addition, due to the index finger’s dexterity it is easier to keep yarn with a thicker gauge or slippery texture where it needs to be. Simply, loop the yarn around the index finger of the dominant hand. For a single chain stitch, snag the loose yarn with the index finger and pull through the loop. Repeat the process as needed to create a chain of sufficient length. The full range of motion in the index finger makes single and double stitches simple. Follow the same instructions as you would for using a hook. For an experienced crotchetier this process will begin to feel natural without the hook. All the motions are the same, however it is easier to use a grasping motion with the finger to hold the yarn and pull through the loops. Finger crochet is a fast and easy way to make beautiful chunky stitches or wide open stitches similar to broomstick stitching. This technique will be easiest to learn with wool or acrylic yarns, but once mastered can be used with any type of yarn and can even be used in patterns calling for double stranded stitching for extra thickness.

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