What Is a Final Fantasy 7 Ribbon?


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The ribbon in the Final Fantasy 7 series is an accessory that a player equips to his or her character to protect the character from harmful status effects. The ribbon protects characters from almost all status effects during battle, but it does not always work during boss battles.

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Characters wear the ribbon as a head accessory. It has the same defensive value as a leather cap, but it also resists other status ailments. It has different benefits in each of the games, but in Final Fantasy 7, it prevents all status ailments except Slow, Stop, and Instant Death. There are a few ways to get the ribbon in the game. The first is from the Temple of Ancients, then Gaea's Cliff. After that, players can get it by morphing Ho-chu or Master Tonberry. Aside from that, players can win the ribbon by defeating a few bosses within the game.

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