How Do I Figure Out the Mint Mark on an 1888 Silver Dollar?

The mint mark is on the reverse side of the coin, under the wreath. The mark is located between the wreath and the first two letters of the word "dollar." If the coin shows a letter "S," it comes from the San Francisco mint. If there is a letter "O," the coin is from the New Orleans mint.

If there is no discernable mint mark on the silver dollar, the coin probably comes from the Philadelphia mint. Most of the coins from this mint have no mint marks. The mint produced 19,183,833 coins like this in 1888, according to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. This mint has been operating steadily for the past 200 years.

This silver dollar coin is also known as the Liberty Head silver dollar or the Morgan dollar; it was first minted in 1878. It is named after George Morgan, the man who came up with the design. Morgan was an assistant engraver at the U.S. Mint. The model for Liberty's face was an American woman named Anna Willess Williams. This design contrasted with the Greek-inspired designs that had been used previously. Williams sat with Morgan five times for the design, as he was impressed by her profile.