What Is the FFXI Scholar Game?


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The Final Fantasy XI scholar game is the expansion pack called "Wings of the Goddess," in which the job of the scholar was introduced for the first time. The story takes place 20 years in the past of the main Final Fantasy XI plot line, which was during the time of the Crystal War.

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Scholars are military tacticians who use a magical book called the "Grimoire" to obtain expertise in both light and dark magic. Their powers include the ability to cast storm spells to alter weather and helix spells that cause significant damage over a period of time. Though scholars do not have the same amount of access to high level spells that white mages or black mages have, they have the versatility to match their abilities to specific battle conditions. According to Mitsutoshi Gondai, the game planner for Final Fantasy XI, the job of the scholar was introduced because there were relatively few jobs available that used magic.

The online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI was released in May 2002. By 2006, the subscription-based game had 200,000 to 300,000 players each day. The "Wings of the Goddess" expansion pack became available in November 2007. A number of patches released new sets of missions for the expansion over a three-year period until 2010. Final Fantasy XI and its expansion packs became the most successful entry in the Final Fantasy series.

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