What Are Some of the FF8 Weapons?


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There are many different weapons featured in "Final Fantasy 8," including the iconic Gunblade that protagonist Squall Leonheart wields. The game's other weapons include Quistis' whip, Irvine's gun, Zell's fists, Selphie's nunchaku and Rinoa's boomerang. According to Final Fantasy Worlds Apart, weapons can be upgraded by first reading weapon magazines, which list the components needed for a weapon remodel. Players must then obtain the necessary components by defeating monsters.

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As the game's chief protagonist, Squall receives more weapons than any other character. Squall's different weapon models, from weakest to strongest, include the Revolver, the Shear Trigger, the Cutting Trigger, the Flame Saber, the Twin Lance, the Punishment and the Lionheart. Irvine's array of guns includes the Valiant, the Ulysses, the Bismark and the Exeter. Quistis' whips include the Chain Whip, the Slaying Tail, the Red Scorpion and the Save the Queen. Zell's weapons are the Metal Knuckle, the Maverick, the Gauntlet and the Ehrgeiz. Selphie's different nunchaku are the Flail, the Morning Star, the Crescent Wish and the Strange Vision. Rinoa's boomerang models include the Pinwheel, the Valkyrie, the Rising Sun, the Cardinal and the Shooting Star. Many of the game's weapons reference other game titles from developer Squaresoft. For example, Zell's most powerful weapon, Ehrgeiz, is also the title of a fighting game released earlier by Squaresoft. Quistis' Save the Queen appears in many other "Final Fantasy" games, usually in the form of a sword.

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