What Are Some Features of Vintage Puma Knives?

Some features of vintage Puma knives include the presence of the Puma make's name, a number system, and the phrase "Genuine Pumaster Steel Germany" on every piece. Antique pieces also contain the term "Handmade" and the official insignia of Puma on them.

The Puma make's name should be printed on the blade of the Puma knife. The blade should also contain a number of succession or a code that indicates the number of knives manufactured of that particular make.

The code also indicates the model number and manufacturing date of the piece, which can be used to determine its age. This unique number should also be present on the certificate of authenticity accompanying the vintage Puma knife.

Vintage Puma knives also contain the term "Handmade" printed alongside each knife's number and make. Puma knives with "Genuine Pumamaster Steel Germany" printed on their blades show that they were made of carbon steel. If these words are not present on a knife's blade, it indicates that the piece is made of stainless steel and is a newer version.

The official insignia of Puma present on vintage Puma knives should contain the shape of a diamond, with the head of a puma in a profile view within it. In addition, the word "Puma" should be printed beneath the diamond.