What Are Some Features of "Skate" for Xbox 360?


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"Skate" is a multi-player, open world skating game. It features realistic physics, a variety of challenges and a diverse set of skateboard tricks, as well as a story mode and online play.

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"Skate" is set in the fictional city of San Vanelona, which is fully available for players to explore. Players create their own character and roam the city, which is full of skating challenges for players to complete. The gameplay in "Skate" is deliberately more difficult than other skating games, such as "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" series, as the controls and physics are designed to more closely mimic the actual experience of skateboarding. This control system is called the Flickit, and it uses both of the analog sticks on the Xbox controller for more precise movement.

In addition to the free roaming option, "Skate" has a story mode, which features famous skateboarders such as Danny Way, PJ Ladd and Pat Duffy. The game also features an online mode, in which two to six players can skate together in San Vanelona. As of 2015, two sequels to "Skate" have been released: "Skate 2," released in 2009, and "Skate 3," released in 2010. Both sequels were released for the Xbox 360.

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