What Are Some Features of Professional Photo Albums?

Some features of professional photo albums are that they usually use photo paper in the pages and have bound covers that are made of genuine or even premium leather. Another common feature is that the pages are designed in such a way that they lie flat when the album is open.

The covers of professional photo albums are made of different kinds of leather. Genuine leather covers use three pieces of leather to cover the front, back and spine of the album. Premium leather albums have covers made of a single piece of leather that has been custom-fitted to the album. Embossed leather covers have designs or patterns and are made of crocodile, snake or ostrich skin leather. Other cover types include photo covers that cover the front with a favorite photograph printed onto leather and metallic covers that combine leather with a metallic finish.

The three kinds of pages used in professional photo albums are glossy, lustre and matte. Glossy pages have a shiny effect and are the best to showcase photos with a lot of color. However, they are a fingerprint magnets and not easy to keep clean. The lustre finish lies in between glossy and matte. It has less glare and is easy to keep clean. The matte finish is the dullest but also the most even finish, making it ideal for black and white images.