What Are Some Features of the "Pawn Stars" Online Game?


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Some features of “Pawn Stars: The Game” include the ability to build a pawn empire from the ground, to haggle with customers, and to use real-world money to get a boost. As players continue to build their pawn empires, they level up.

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At the start of “Pawn Stars: The Game,” players can choose from a selection of employees to be the faces of their pawn shops. They have to deal with a continual stream of customers who want to sell their possessions. Gamers can haggle with the customers using a sliding-scale system, but not offering enough money makes the customer's mood drop. When the mood drops, the customer starts providing some clues that might make it easier to work out a price on which they are willing to settle.

Once a player purchases an item, it's displayed on the store shelf, and demand for the item comes at different times. The player can choose to accept a customer offer, or she can haggle to try to get more money.

“Pawn Stars: The Game” is only available to play online on Facebook. There are mobile versions of the game available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Regardless of the version the gamer plays, the concept of the game is the same.

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