What Are Some Features of the Online Game "Red Ball"?

What Are Some Features of the Online Game "Red Ball"?

Features of the online game "Red Ball" include red flags that mark checkpoints and the end of levels, keyboard controls, traps and vehicles. The object of each level is guiding the red ball to the final red flag.

"Red Ball" has 12 levels. The player moves the ball left and right using either the left and right arrow keys or the "A" and "D" keys. The player makes the ball jump using the up arrow key or the "W" key. The "R" key restarts the current level, and the "P" key pauses the game.

Every level has a red flag at the end that the red ball must touch to complete that level. Some levels also have red checkpoint flags. If the player dies after reaching a checkpoint, the game restarts at that checkpoint instead of at the beginning of the level.

If the ball falls into the sky, it dies. The game has a variety of traps, including spikes, axes and dropping platforms. Spikes and axes both kill the player instantly, while dropping platforms make the ball fall into the sky.

Vehicles include a car and a train. The player rides each vehicle to avoid traps, but must keep the ball positioned correctly to avoid flying out of the vehicle. In the train level, the player must navigate to the front of the train to touch the end flag before the train falls.