What Features Does the "Minecraft" Too Much TNT Mod Add?

What Features Does the "Minecraft" Too Much TNT Mod Add?

The Too Much TNT mod for "Minecraft" adds 44 additional crafting recipes based on the explosive block TNT. These recipes include TNTx100, Meteor TNT and Flat Bomb.

The new TNT variations added by the Too Much TNT mod differ in their utility. The most basic variations are stronger versions of the original TNT recipe. These include TNT blocks that are five, 20 or hundreds of times more destructive than a classic TNT block.

The mod also includes more utilitarian TNT blocks for building and mining. The Flat Bomb TNT does not destroy any blocks below it, thus leveling a large area for construction. The Digging TNT creates a single-block hole that delves roughly 60 blocks down from the explosion.

Gravity wells, fireworks and lava generators are also included in the remaining TNT recipes. The Meteor TNT block creates the largest explosion available in the mod by summoning a meteor from the sky.

The Too Much TNT mod uses the Forge Mod Loader for installation. As of July 2015, the mod is compatible with "Minecraft" 1.7.10 along with earlier versions. To utilize the mod, a user must first install Forge before downloading Too Much TNT from Minecrafttntstuffsmods.weebly.com. Users should back up their "Minecraft" games before installing any new mod.