What Are the Features of Minecraft Morph Mod?


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Major features of Minecraft Morph Mod include the ability to turn into other creatures in the game and the capacity to become other gamers' characters. Players must kill the creature, animal or player before becoming that entity.

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Once a player kills a creature, known as a mob, he may switch between different mobs at any time. For example, if a gamer kills a chicken, then an Enderman followed by a Ghast, that person's character can become any of those three mobs in the game at one time. A player with the ability of an Enderman can teleport once an enemy sees the creature. However, an Enderman suffers damage from rain and water.

Minecraft Morph Mod gamers may turn into any of the nine passive mobs, four neutral mobs, 17 hostile mobs and five tamable mobs. Players open the selector function on the mod to morph between mobs after the game is paused. Gamers can remove a morph, but only if the selected mob is not currently in use.

Other abilities featured in the mod include climbing, floating, flying, fall negating and fire immunity. Fall negate prevents damage from falling. Fire immunity allows players to swim in lava. Gamers find these abilities next to the mob name in the selector function. Similar to most mods of "Minecraft," these abilities are not found in the normal version of the game.

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