What Are Some Features of "Minecraft" Mods?


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One of the most popular features of several "Minecraft" mods is the ability to automate tasks that would otherwise require the player's constant attention. Other "Minecraft" mods also add new ores and metals to dig up, introduce a system of electricity and even replicate being a mage or wizard.

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A very popular mod, called MineFactory Reloaded, was released with the goal of making tasks such as breeding animals, farming and cutting down trees an automatic process. The mod contains machines which allow users to generate "electricity" to power them, which, in turn allows players to automate these tasks. A mod called Thermal Expansion takes this a step further by adding dozens of other machines a player can power with the same type of electricity utilized in MineFactory Reloaded. This mod also introduces new metals, such as silver, lead and tin, and allows players to craft items such as jetpacks and advanced tools.

A mod called Thaumcraft allows users to play as a mage and explore many facets of the magical world. The mod introduces many magical tools and weapons as well as introducing what are called "aura nodes" which are magical sources of knowledge and energy. As the player progresses in the mod, she can craft powerful robes and even create golems that serve the player.

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