What Are Some of the Features of Ludwig Drums?

What Are Some of the Features of Ludwig Drums?

Ludwig drums come in a variety of styles including Legacy Maple, Vistalite, Keystone and Signet. There are special edition drum kits available as well, including Stainless Steel, Club Date SE and Centennial.

All Ludwig drums are professionally handcrafted in Monroe, North Carolina. The Legacy Maple drum kit features a wide tuning range and works well on either low or high tuning settings. It is ideal for use in recording studios or quiet live settings. The Legacy Maple kit is Ludwig's standard professional drum kit.

Vistalite drums are used for making hard rock or heavy metal music. The Vistalite sound features top-end projection, wide resonance and no overtone. These drums can be heard over other loud instruments in a band.

The Keystone drum kit is both loud and controlled. This kit is best for live music productions and features high-impact play with quick decay.

Ludwig's Signet drum kit has open tonality and is best for mid-range projections in large rooms. This drum kit has a six-ply maple shell and lacquer finish.

The Club Date SE kit produces airy, dry overtones. Centennial is a special drum kit suited for touring, and the Stainless Steel drum kit contains all steel parts for a robust sound and massive overtones.