What Are the Features of Happy Wheels 9?


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The developer of “Happy Wheels,” Total Jerkface, hasn't developed Happy Wheels 9 as of June 2015. It has only made the games “Happy Wheels” and “Divine Intervention,” both of which are available to play on TotalJerkface.com.

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Although Total Jerkface hasn't made an official sequel to “Happy Wheels,” players can still find new content for the original game thanks to the level editor, which allows users to create their own levels and share them with others. Gamers can view the levels that other players create by clicking on the Browse Level option on the main menu. They can also see the creation date for the levels, how many people have played them and what players have ranked the levels.

When creating a new level, the player can choose a character for the other players to use or can allow them to choose a character of their own. The creator must create an account to save the level and options to the game's servers. Afterward, he can make the level public or keep it private.

The game shows off the created stages in the Featured Levels under the Play option on the main menu. While players have all of the tools that they need to make fun tracks, learning how to use all of the different tools takes time and practice.

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