What Are Some Features of the "Dragon Ball Z" Games?


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Many Dragon Ball Z games, such as "Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit" and "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z," feature fast-paced fighting elements that include Dragon Ball Z signature moves such as the smash-and-teleport move, multiple flight techniques and the ability to blast opponents with beams of energy. While nearly all Dragon Ball Z games fall within the same format and fighting genre, the franchise spans many consoles and offers series with distinct additional features that give fans multiple options.

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"Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit" allows players to fly around with spiky-haired characters who scream and create explosions, which is typical for the Dragon Ball universe, but it also offers a new dimension to the franchise that it calls drama pieces. These pieces are brief cinematic sequences that occur when a player fulfills specific sets of conditions during combat. Players can choose to play the game with these sequences activated, or they can opt to turn off the feature. Some players cite the drama pieces as being a distraction because they interrupt game play and cancel any sequences the player is performing.

"Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z" observes Dragon Ball fighting conventions with basic controls that let players execute complex manoeuvres with simple two-button combinations. It features large open arenas where teams can fight against teams in very chaotic battles.

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