What Are Some Features of the CBC Hockey Fantasy Pool?

What Are Some Features of the CBC Hockey Fantasy Pool?

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation features three fantasy hockey pools. These hockey fantasy pools are the NHL Survivor Pool, the Saturday Night Power Pick'em and the Hockey Playoff Bracket.

The CBC's NHL Survivor Pool is the simplest of the three pools. Each participant is awarded two lives. Participants select one NHL team each week for a Saturday game. If the team wins, the contestant survives, but if the chosen team loses, that participant loses a life. The last person with a life wins the pool. A contestant may only choose the same team twice for the duration of the contest.

The NHL Power Pick'em is similar in that participants are selecting teams to win during Saturday games. However, this fantasy pool is based on a points system.

Contestants choose the winner of each Saturday night NHL game. Contestants then assign Power Picks to three of the teams. The team assigned the first Power Pick earns the participant five times the points if it wins. The second team earns the participant three times the points for a win, and the third Power Pick earns twice the points. All other picks are worth a set number of points.

The Hockey Playoff Bracket pool is only played during the NHL playoffs. Contestants complete a bracket that ultimately predicts who wins the Stanley Cup. Each of the four playoff rounds is worth a specific number of points.