What Are Some Features of Canadian Stuffies Toys?


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Stuffies toys are large, soft stuffed animals that feature many secret pockets, promote positive values for children and include a free storybook. Stuffies also come with a surprise gift inside.

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Stuffies stuffed animals have seven secret pockets, making it a toy that is also a toy chest. The top-secret pockets allow children to hide toys and treasures. Each Stuffies stuffed animal comes with a 33-page interactive storybook that promotes wholesome values to children with fun rhymes and colorful illustrations. Each Stuffie's story is unique and promotes specific values, such as Bravo the Bear who is supportive of others and Prancine the Unicorn who believes everyone is special.

Stuffies stuffed animals function well for travel. They are super-sized and constructed with plush, soft material, making them useful as a pillow for sleepovers or traveling in a vehicle. They also include a large back pocket that is large enough to pack items like pajamas, a toothbrush, a comb and travel toys.

As of 2015, some Stuffies available are Whisper, Blaze and Igby. Whisper is a kitten that promotes the importance of being a good listener. Blaze is a dragon that promotes courageousness and bravery. Igby is an iguana that promotes individuality and self-confidence.

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