What Are Some Features of Canadian Newberry Dolls?

Canadian Newberry dolls feature rotating joints, soft bodies, 18-inch height and durable PVC construction. The dolls encourage role-playing and nurturing skills in children. Dolls have rooted hair and eyes that come in different colors. Each doll has a unique fashion outfit that is distinctly Canadian.

The "Canadian Fashion Girl" series of Newberry dolls includes dolls with unique fashions and names, including "Katie," "Zoe," "Amber" and "Emma." These dolls are designed to look like 8- to 12-year-old girls and have different faces, hair styles and eye colors. With these variations, a girl can find a doll that looks like herself to bond with.

Newberry also offers baby dolls with the names "Maddie," "Chloe" and "Abigail." Baby dolls are designed to look like infants and have different skin and eye colors like the bigger dolls. Girls can have fun changing the baby's clothes, taking trips and role-playing with the doll. The baby dolls do not have hair, but each comes with a hat and her own baby clothes. Baby dolls are 14 inches tall.

As of 2015, Newberry dolls are available on the Sears Canada website with prices ranging from $24.99 to $49.99. Users of the website rate the dolls at four to five stars out of five.