What Are Some Features of the "Amazing Worlds" Game?


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As of 2015, some features of the online game "Amazing Words" include a fully three-dimensional world to explore, numerous quests to complete in various areas, enemies to battle and customizable characters. The game also features various puzzles and minigames and the ability to chat with other players.

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The story behind the massively multiplayer online game "Amazing Worlds" is that the evil Queen Vexa is attempting to destroy the world of Spring Bay, leaving the player characters to stop her through numerous in-game actions. The core gameplay focuses on exploring the game world and completing quests that involve actions such as defeating specific monsters, obtaining specific items and locating specific people. Completing each quest rewards the player with experience points and new items, which further allow the player to customize her experience.

Another major element of the game is the ability to customize the player character and her home, which includes filling it with special furniture and other characters. As the game focuses on online multiplayer action, several players are able to explore the same areas in real time and interact with each other. These players may also visit each other's virtual homes, complete quests together and explore the world. However, many of the game's puzzles and minigames are single-player experiences.

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