How Far Away Must a Player Be From the Dart Board When Playing Darts?

According to the National Dart Association's General Rules of Play, the throw line should be 96 inches away, horizontally, from the face of the dart board. The player is permitted to lean over this line, and the player can step on the throw line, but not over or across the line.

The following are additional rules to consider when playing an official game of darts:

  • A player may throw a maximum of three darts during his turn. The player may choose to throw fewer than three darts.
  • The only time a player can re-throw a dart is if it is dropped before it is thrown. Any thrown darts, whether they bounce off the dart board or otherwise miss the dart board, cannot be thrown again during that player's turn.
  • No thrown darts may be touched or removed from the board until the player's turn is officially over for that round.