What Are Some Fancy Pants Games?


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Some Fancy Pants games include “Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1” and “Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2.” Both of these games are similar in play style but feature no levels to explore. These two games are available to play for free on Armorgames.com.

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The controls for both games are the same. Players use a computer keyboard to control Fancy Pants. The left and right arrows move him around the world, and the down arrow makes him roll. The S key makes Fancy Pants jump, and the up arrow allows him to enter doors. In “Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2,” players can also press the M key to turn off the music and the space bar to pause the game.

“Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2” features more music and colors than the first Fancy Pants game. It also offers a trophy system that extends the gameplay, giving players a reason to replay the game to collect all the trophies.

The goal of both games is to help Fancy Pants reach the end of every level. Players need to use their platforming skills to run, jump and roll to victory. Players can pick up collectibles along the way to increase their overall scores.

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