Who Are Some Famous Wildlife Photographers?

famous-wildlife-photographers Credit: Daisy Gilardini/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some of the most famous wildlife photographers include Paul Souders, Joe McDonald and Connor Stefanison. All of these photographers were recognized as Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2013.

There are a number of wildlife photographers, but there are a few that rise to the top as the very best. Among these are those recognized with the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, a contest sponsored by BBC Worldwide and the Natural History Museum.

Paul Souders was designated the winner for "Animals in Their Environment" after he took an astounding photo of a polar bear surfacing after a swim in Hudson Bay, Canada. Joe McDonald received his award for an image of two jaguars courting each other, risking his life to get that close to the wild cat. Connor Stefanison received two awards - a crowning achievement for his career.