What Are Some Famous Senior Class Pranks?


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From Lady Liberty rising from an icy lake and a fire truck stationed on a 15-story campus dome to a rhinoceros elected for city council, famous pranks live on through eternity. Sometimes the pranks take elaborate planning, such as the MIT students who lit up a giant building with a playable game of Tetris, whereas other times the pranks are quite simple, including a fake pregnancy announcement in front of the class.

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There are countless friendly feuds between the seniors and juniors at most schools, including one in 2007 that entailed the older students removing the license plates from underclassmen cars, lining the plates up along the soccer field and directing the juniors to go find their plate. The prank lasted a bit longer than anticipated when some students did not know their plate number.

Claiming to be part of the fictitious Pail and Shovel Party, two students at the University of Wisconsin ran for student government and won. True to their campaign promise, they brought the Statue of Liberty to their college campus. As her green head and giant torch emerged from the icy lake, the students claimed it had been flown in from New York, but fell into the chilly water. In actuality, they had built it out of wire, plywood and papier maché and then hauled it into the lake.

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