What Are Some Famous Male Dolls?


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Some famous male dolls are the Ken doll and GI Joe. Ken is the male counterpart to the Barbie doll and is manufactured by Mattel. GI Joe action figures are produced by Hasbro as of 2015.

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The first Ken doll was manufactured in 1961. His character is the boyfriend of Barbie, who was first produced in 1959. The production of the Ken doll sparked the creation of an African-American male Mattel doll, Allan Sherwood, who was Ken's best friend. In 1993, Mattel released "Earring Magic Ken," which became a collector's item particularly in the gay community.

In 2004, Mattel announced that Ken and Barbie were taking time apart from one another. A revamped Ken doll was released in 2006. Ken and Barbie reunited on Valentine's Day 2011.

The original GI Joe was a 12-inch doll released by Hasbro in 1964. The GI Joe line was relaunched in 1982 as 3.75-inch action figures. The new figures were accompanied by vehicles and accessories as well as a new storyline featuring a struggle between GI Joe and the evil Cobra Command. Hasbro has expanded the GI Joe line to include action figures from all the branches of the U.S. military, including Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Pilot, Action Marine and Action Nurse.

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