Who Are Some Famous Female Photographers Who Take Pictures of Other Women?


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Annie Leibovitz, Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman and Lorna Simpson are all famous female photographers that shot many subject matters but maintained their primary focus on photographing women. Their female subject matter ranged from celebrities to the addicted and abused, as well as stylized self portraits.

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Annie Leibovitz is probably the most famous female photographer and has photographed rock stars, movie stars and high-profile advertising since the 1970s. She began her career with Rolling Stone and photographed a nude John Lennon wrapped around his fully clothed wife, Yoko Ono, just hours before he was shot to death in 1980. She became the lead photographer for Vanity Fair magazine in 1983, which is where she shot some of her most iconic female photos, including a fully nude and pregnant Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg half submerged in a bathtub of milk.

Nan Goldin has won critical acclaim for her gritty images of women that have been sexually abused and are drug-dependent. Lorna Simpson is an African-American female photographer who shoots stunning depictions of anonymous African-American women. Cindy Sherman primarily photographs one woman, herself. She mastered the self-portrait in disguises, portraying all of the false role models and unfair expectations forced on females by the mass media.

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