What Are Some Famous Chess Moves?


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A number of historical contests contained renowned chess moves, including the immortal game played in 1851 between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky and the flawless moves and brilliant combinations accomplished by Paul Morphy in 1858. A match in 1999 between Garry Kasparov and top grandmaster Veselin Topalov is considered a must study for chess players of every level.

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One especially masterful move occurred in a game between Stepan Levitsky and Frank Marshall in 1912, when Marshall moved his black queen into position for capture in three ways. However, all three counter moves led to checkmate. Some classic chess openings include "The Ruy Lopez," named after a 16th-century Spanish priest, and "The Sicilian Defense," which commonly draws players through a complex struggle that can ultimately lead to a win for either side.

Modern day tactical books on chess draw from well-known brilliant moves accomplished during classic eras, and many combination themes from the past have become standards for tournament players. However, true devotees of chess strive to create opportunities for masterful moves rather than waiting for classic moves to appear before them. For many players, the biggest draw of the game is its ability to showcase sharp mental prowess and agility.

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