What Are Some Family-Friendly Dice Games?


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Some family-friendly dice games are Pig, Yahtzee and Can't Stop. You can play Pig and Can't Stop with any dice, while Yahtzee typically comes with special dice.

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Yahtzee is a fun and family-friendly game for one to six players. It is appropriate for children ages seven and up. There are special editions of the game, including Mickey Mouse, Turbo, Deluxe and Pokemon. The object of the game is to get certain sets of numbers with the dice.

In Pig, the players are trying to reach 100 points. The first person to get to 100 wins the game. It requires a six-sided die and at least two players. During each turn, the player rolls the die and counts the numbers for each roll until he gets a 1 or stops rolling by holding. Holding is better because then the player gets all the points he has rolled so far, but if he rolls a 1 before holding the rolls, he earns no points.

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