What Fairies Can Be Made When Using Disney's Create-A-Fairy?


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Disney's Create-A-Fairy online game allows users to create fairies belonging to four different categories: light, water, animal and garden. Once the category is chosen, users can adjust the fairy's skin tone, hair and eye color, height, clothes and facial features. Users can also adjust their fairy's wings and position.

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The first step of the Create-A-Fairy game is choosing a fairy's talent. Water fairies can manipulate water. Light fairies can create rainbows and train glow worms and fireflies to light up the hollow they live in. Garden fairies intuitively understand the needs of plants. Animal fairies can talk to animals. The talent a fairy has changes their wing color. Water fairies have white wings, light fairies have yellow wings, animal fairies have gold wings and garden fairies have pink wings.

Users can adjust their fairies height and size, but the fairy remains thin and petite regardless. The user can choose a limited range of hair colors, hair styles, skin tones, wing styles and pre-set facial features. After that, The user can edit the fairy's clothes, changing the color and style of the shoes, top and skirt. The user can also give the fairy different barrettes, sashes, anklets and bracelets. The fairy can be given a name from the pre-set options available. After this, the user can adjust the position of their fairy's head and limbs and save their fairy on the Disney website.

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