What Are Some Factors That Make Someone a Good Singer?


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Good singers have passion, are confident, take lessons, and have good pronunciation. Passion in singing includes a love of performing, a memorable stage presence and the ability to exude emotion while singing and performing.

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Confidence ties in with passion and is a good way to mask mistakes that happen. Confidence can show itself through a person working well with others and keeping proper posture, both of which are key aspects of being a good performer.

Lessons are important for any singer, no matter his skill level. Lessons can help a singer perfect tone and timbre, which help him to stand out from other performers. Registers and range can also be extended and improved through regular lessons, giving the singer more options and flexibility in his career. For example, a tenor could learn to lower his voice into baritone or bass ranges. A good singer can also make easy transitions between where the register sits, such as the difference between how chest and head voice sounds.

Good pronunciation, enunciation and diction make it easier for the audience to understand what is being sung. This means that a good singer speaks clearly when singing, so that each word is recognizable during a performance or recording.

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