What Factors Influence the Value of a 1943 Mercury Dime?


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Factors that influence the price of a 1943 Mercury dime include the condition of the coin and whether it was circulated. No matter the condition of the coin, 1943 Mercury dimes feature approximately 0.07 ounces of silver, making them worth at least 77 cents more than face value.

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While Mercury dimes with a very worn surface are valued at their silver content, the coins' value increases with its condition. Categories for Mercury dimes are good, fine, extremely fine and uncirculated. Uncirculated dimes hold the highest value.

In the 1940s, dimes were struck in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. The mints in Denver and San Francisco struck coins with a mark designating their location, "D" and "S" respectively. Philadelphia coins bear no mint mark. As of 2015, uncirculated coins with mint marks carry a higher value than those with no mint marks, with the San Francisco coins being the most valuable. Mint marks bear no influence on the value of the other gradations of Mercury dimes.

Uncirculated coins are the most valuable because they received no wear and still shine with the same luster as when they just left the mint. Extremely fine coins are slightly worn, but all the fine details are visible. Liberty's hair appears close to her eye. Fine coins shows slight wearing in the center of the coin with more separation between Liberty's hair and eye. Good condition coins are worn but with the date and mint marks still readable.

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