What Are Some Factors That Influence the Price of Vintage McCoy Pottery?


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Factors that influence the price and value of vintage McCoy pottery include shape, size and physical condition of the item. For instance, a piece of pottery with a unique or appealing shape is more valuable than pottery with a standard shape.

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The size of the piece also influences the price, with larger pieces fetching more money than smaller ones. Another important factor when determining the value of McCoy pottery is the condition of the piece. Because antique pottery is considered an asset, collectors should only invest in those pieces that are in good condition. Pieces in poor condition are worth far less. Vibrant and brightly-colored items are also worth more than pieces that are lusterless and dulled by age.

The McCoy Pottery company was established in 1910 by the McCoy family, which specialized in clay stoneware. After 15 years, the family-owned company expanded in order to produce a higher quantity of goods and established pottery lines for more affluent customers, such as the Crestwood line with select items treated with 22-karat gold. The company also focused on creating functional yet attractive pottery that boasted blended glazes and leaf and berry themes. The company, along with other pottery companies, formed a co-op to survive the Depression.

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