What Are Some Factors That Determine the Value of Coke Collectibles?


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Some of the factors that determine the value of Coca-Cola collectibles include the age of the pieces and the current condition as well as the overall rarity of each collectible. Another key factor is whether counterfeits are common in the market, which may decrease rarity and make buyers more skeptical.

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The age of Coca-Cola collectibles is a major factor because it helps determine availability. The company continues to produce collectibles and beverages over 100 years after it produced its first drinks, so collectibles range across many different years. Pieces created during times of low production may have more value than others, and some bottles from as far back as 1915 may have low collectability due to initial production runs of one million pieces or more.

The condition of collectibles has a direct effect on their value to buyers. Pieces in near-perfect condition typically command much higher prices and are far rarer than pieces that survived regular handling or incorrect storage over the years. Counterfeits are a concern for specific collectibles that command high dollar values, and a surplus of counterfeits in the market can hurt values for real collectibles. Obvious signs of counterfeits include items purportedly produced before 1915 that feature Coca-Cola bottles, which did not appear until that year.

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