What Factors Contribute to the Value of Antique Dolls?

factors-contribute-value-antique-dolls Credit: Katherine Dix/CC-BY 2.0

Various factors such as popularity, condition, details and accessories can contribute to the value of an antique doll. The condition of the doll is one of the most important factors in determining the doll's price.

Although dolls in pristine condition are valued more highly than used dolls, originality is also an important factor in determining value. Dolls in their original boxes are more valuable, and their value increases over time.

Details are also important, as they help determine the quality of the doll. Dolls with more details usually indicate higher-quality craftsmanship and help to define the style and era of the doll, which is an important purchasing factor for collectors.

Damages are another factor to consider when valuing antique dolls, as they decrease the value of the doll. However, many collectors deliberately buy damaged dolls with an eye to repairing and restoring them. Accessories are also valued items for collectors. They augment the price of the doll by increasing the item's rarity and uniqueness.

Nevertheless, the popularity of an antique doll may trump these factors for certain buyers. The popularity of a certain doll can cause the price to increase in spite of other less desirable factors or to decrease despite being in perfect condition.