What Are the Factions in Total War: Roma?


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The factions in Rome: Total War include the House of Scipii, the House of Julii, the House of Brutii, Egyptians, Carthaginians, Britons, Gauls, Germans, Kingdom of Pontus, Seleucids and Macedonians. Apart from the Roman factions, the basic condition to win is conquering the world.

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The House of Julii is based in northern Italy and has the duty of keeping barbarians in check and obey the Senate. The Julii are high-ranking members among Italy's factions, and their most prestigious member was Gaius Julius Caesar. The Julii have Roman legions at their command, with the infantry and cavalry standing out.

The House of Scipii ranks third in the top three families in Italy, and their duty is to eliminate Carthage. The Scipii's goals are to gain honor and dominate Italy under an enlightened and wise rule.

The House of Brutii was responsible for dethroning Gaius Julius Caesar and has a long tradition of service to Rome. Their responsibility is defending and restoring the empire in the eastern direction.

The Britons are from a Celtic origin and have greatly organized kingships and towns. The Britons have great strategic value due to their island's location. Maintaining a good fleet can be a defensive and offensive move, and their units can strike fear into their enemies.

The Carthagians have a good naval force, and their crowning land-based warfare unit is the Carthagian elephant. The Carthagian's want the annihilation of Rome, and their force is on par with Rome's legions.

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