What Are the Factions of the Kingdoms of Amalur?


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There are seven playable factions in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: House of Ballads, House of Sorrows, House of Valor, Travelers, Scholia Arcana, Gravehal and the Warsworn. Non-playable factions include the Alfar Military, Belen's Testament, Fahrlangi, the Court of Summer, the Court of Winter, the House of Pride, the House of Seasons, the House of Vengeance, Orbocant, the Templars, Tuatha and The Ariad.

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The Gravehal faction is only playable with "The Legend of Dead Kel" downloadable content installed. The House of Ballads is the faction of the Summer Fae heroes. The player can join them as a pledge at the Court of Enchantments. The House of Sorrows is the home of the Winter Fae and can be found in The Midden of Klurikon. It is not accessible until the player has the Heartstone item, however.

The House of Valor is the home of gladiators. Players can fight their way through a series of matches in the arena to prove themselves. Travelers is a loose association of traders and thieves. They have three main encampments: Star, Moon and Sun. Scholia Arcana is a scholarly order that studies the magic of the realm. They can be found in the Gardens of Ysa. Finally, the Warsworn are a large mercenary company. Their main headquarters is at Shieldring Keep in Dalentarth.

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