What Are Some Face Surgery Games?


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Some examples of face surgery games include “The Plastic Surgeon” and “Plastic Face.” Both of these games are free and available to play on arcade websites such as Surgery Games.

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In “The Plastic Surgeon,” players take on the role of a plastic surgeon. The goal of the game is to use the special tools to get the patient's face to match his desired look. Using the computer mouse, players move, enlarge and shrink facial features. To pass each stage, they have to achieve a certain match percentage that varies from level to level. At the end of each level, they can see how closely they matched the actual face to the desired one.

In “Plastic Face,” the goal of the game is to make the client's face look as extreme as possible. Players use the computer mouse to increase the size of the eyes, lips and cheeks without causing harm to the patient. For example, if they increase the size of the eyes too much, the patient's eyes pop out of his head. “Plastic Face” requires players to guess as to when the patient's facial features are at their max size because there is no warning as to when a certain area of the face might pop. If they fail three patients without getting any correct, the game is over.

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