How Do You Explain Dragonite Vs. Salmence?


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Dragonite is an orange dragon-flying type Pokemon that appears in the first generation of the games and series, and Salamence is a blue dragon-flying type Pokemon appearing in the third generation of Pokemon. Although both are based on the European winged dragon, Dragonite has a heavy body, small wings and friendly appearance, while Salamence has sharp-edged features and a fierce appearance.

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Dragonite evolves from Dragonair starting at level 55, and Dragonair evolves from the base Pokemon Dratini. Dragonite is found on the water's edge. Dragonite's abilities include Inner Focus and Multiscale, and it possesses a slow leveling rate. This bipedal dragon Pokemon has large eyes, a rounded snout and two curved antennas protruding from its skull. In the anime and Pokedex descriptions within the games, Dragonite is described as an intelligent Pokemon species that flies at high speeds over the sea and demonstrates altruistic tendencies such as saving drowning Pokemon. It appears in game generations one through six.

Salamence evolves from the defensive Pokemon Shelgon starting at level 50, and its base Pokemon is Bagon. Its abilities include Intimidate and Moxie, and it is found in rough terrain. This quadruped dragon Pokemon is blue with red features, and it possesses ridges over its eyes and three spines protruding from each side of its face. Salamence is described as a fierce Pokemon that can go into fits of uncontrolled rage. It appears in game generations three through six.

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