What Is the Most Expensive Beanie Baby?


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The most expensive Beanie Baby ever was Peanut, the royal blue elephant, which was sold in an auction for more than $3,000 in 2000. Only a very limited number of Beanie Babies were made by its manufacturer in the 1990s as a ploy to increase their collectibility. Due to a manufacturing error, a small number of Peanut Baby Beanies had a royal blue color instead of the intended light blue color, which made it very rare.

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The price at which the royal blue Peanut Beanie Baby was sold was a bargain as it is estimated that very rare Beanie Babies may have a value of $5,000, as of 2014. Beanie Babies are manufactured by Ty Warner Inc. (later renamed Ty Inc.). The Beanie Babies line of stuffed toy animals were introduced in 1993, which included the animals Spot the Dog, Chocolate the Moose and Legs the Frog.

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