Where do you get exp share in "Pokemon FireRed"?


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The exp share item is found on Route 15 and is given to the player by Professor Oak's aid. The exp share grants the Pok��mon holding it half the experience points gained from defeating a Pok��mon, regardless if it actually participated in battle or not. This helps the player level-up Pok��mon who are too weak to fight in battles.

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Although exp share is an item that a Pok��mon holds in ���Pok��mon FireRed,��� it was changed to a key item in ���Pok��mon X��� and ���Pok��mon Y��� for the 3DS. This means that the Pok��mon no longer has to hold the item to gain its benefits. This is helpful because all of the Pok��mon in the player's active party gain the benefits of exp share.

The player may choose to turn off exp share at any time in ���Pok��mon X��� and ���Pok��mon Y.��� If a Pok��mon actually participates in a battle, however, it gets 100 percent of the exp. This makes it more beneficial to actually use a Pok��mon in battle when possible.

According to Nintendo Everything, Game Freak, the company responsible for developing the Pok��mon games, said that the choice to make exp share a key item in ���Pok��mon X��� and ���Pok��mon Y��� came about because the developers wanted players to try raising lots of Pok��mon. This is something they felt was more likely to happen if the player had an easy way to level-up his Pok��mon.

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