What Are Some Examples of Unique Poses for Family Portraits?


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Examples of unique poses for family portraits include silly postures and faces, documentary-style poses of activities such as reading a bedtime story, poses seated on the back of a sofa or bench, and poses involving getting dirty in the garden or in a mud puddle. Another unique pose for a home photo shoot is to have the children look at the parents through a door or window.

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For an outdoor photo shoot, a unique pose for a family portrait is to link arms and have the photograph shot both from the front and behind while walking down a path. Many times, parents raise children to their shoulders, but a unique pose is to have all family members bend or sit down to the level of the smallest child. Accessories also make for unique family portrait poses, including hats, toys, bicycles, balls and umbrellas.

A unique idea for a family portrait pose is to not pose at all but to choose candid photography of the family preparing for the photo shoot, enjoying a day at the park, or simply talking and laughing. For family portraits with infants and small children, a unique idea is to pose the children on the laps of older family members; ask the photographer to keep everything but the infant slightly out of focus.

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