What Are Some Examples of Trivia Games?

What Are Some Examples of Trivia Games?

Examples of trivia games include the popular shows "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?". Both game shows ask a single participant several multiple-choice questions in various categories. Popular categories used in trivia games include geography, music, TV and movies, and elementary science.

One of the most common type of geography quizzes is the Guess the Capital game. The game master states the name of the country, and the participant(s) guesses the answer.

In music, Guess the Artist and Guess the Title are famous trivia formats. In the Guess the Artist game, a song is usually played or the name of the song is stated, and the player guesses the singer. In the Guess the Title game, a song is played or a part of the lyrics is mentioned, and the participant tries to answer the name of the song.

Another favored method is the Guess the Picture game. A picture is shown and the player tries to figure out the name of the subject in the photo. Often, the category is stated before the picture is shown. Categories for this game include animals, flowers and famous people.

In other categories, such as science and history, multiple-choice questions are used due to the degree of difficulty.

Most multiplayer trivia games use a scoring system to encourage competition. There is often a game master who asks the question, although a virtual game master is also employed in computer games.