What Are Some Examples of the Most Realistic Games?


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Some of the most advanced video games are simulators, such as "Microsoft Flight Simulator," that display a level of realism difficult to match. However, due to the limited nature of current technology, the realism can only extend to certain aspects, such as physics of a certain vehicle, various lighting phenomena or fluid physics.

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What Are Some Examples of the Most Realistic Games?
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Another common example of realism in video games is drawn from first-person shooter games, such as the Battlefield series, which feature destructible environments. However, even games like this tend to shy away from complete realism. Game designers are sometimes mocked for their attempts at realism when failures result in unappealing visuals that detract from the rest of the game or actually hinder gameplay.

Some game designers may reach for realism in other areas, such as storytelling or characters. Creating a realistic game may be as simple as creating characters a player believes could exist in the real world. Examples of engaging characters of this variety come from "The Last of Us," with characters made sympathetic and vulnerable enough to be considered almost real. The realism in this game falls short, however, in the gameplay category, as the pacing results in a lot more dead antagonists than the abilities of anyone in real-life scenarios could rightly manage without a whole lot of luck.

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