What Are Some Examples of Older American Girl Dolls?


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As of July 2015, some examples of older American Girl dolls include Kirsten, Samantha, Felicity and Molly. These dolls from the original American Girl historical collection, which were originally released between 1986 and 1991, were retired between 2009 and 2014.

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Samantha, Felicity and Molly each had a corresponding best friend doll that retired at the same time. Samantha's best friend was Nellie, Felicity's best friend was Elizabeth, and Molly's best friend was Emily. Kirsten lacked a best friend doll at the time of retirement.

All of the historical collection dolls shared the same classic face mold and body type. The doll bodies were originally soft white fabric, but later switched to flesh-colored plastic. The Samantha doll had long brunette hair and brown eyes, while Kirsten had short blonde hair in tied-up braids, blue eyes and freckles. Felicity had freckles, long red hair and green eyes, while Molly had long dark brown hair in braids, brown eyes and came with silver spectacles.

Each of the older dolls featured its own collection that comprised period-specific foods, furniture, clothes and other toys for everyday play. For example, Samantha's archived collection contained Victorian period items such a tea tin lunchbox, a 1900-era bathing costume and a set of party treats consisting of petit fours with a crystal pitcher of lemonade.

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