What Are Some Examples of Old-School Games?


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Some examples of old-school games include "Super Mario Brothers," "Maniac Mansion," "Space Quest" and "Kung Fu." "Super Mario Brothers" was the flagship game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The player controlled Mario or his brother Luigi in this side-scrolling platformer, and navigated the Mushroom Kingdom in an attempt to save Princess Toadstool from the evil King of the Koopa, Bowser. The original game spawned many sequels, becoming the best-selling series in video game history.

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"Maniac Mansion" was released in 1987 by Lucasfilm Games on the NES and other platforms; the point-and-click adventure game was widely acclaimed for its storywriting and humor. The player chose a team from a group of teenagers to solve the mystery of what happened to one of their missing friends. It appealed to both kids and adults and had a 1950s movie feel to it.

"Space Quest" is an old-school PC humorous adventure game by Sierra On-Line, released in 1986. The protagonist is an unlikely hero, a janitor by the name of Roger Wilco. After his ship is attacked by aliens, he must warn the home world, save the planet and find a golden mop. The success of the first game led to the creating of five official sequels.

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