What Are Some Examples of Millsberry Arcade Games?


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Some examples of Millsberry arcade games are "Jewel Quest," "Super Mario Racing 3," "Ultimate Flash Sonic," "Pacman" and "DNF Fighting," as of 2015. Other arcade games on the site include "Super Mario Star Scramble 2," "Mario Mushroom Adventure 2," "Naruto Bomb 4" and "Melee Man."

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FunMillsberry.com contains numerous free online games in various genres and categories, including a category for arcade-style games. These games are similar to classic and contemporary arcade games and include features such as two-dimensional exploration, multiple levels and fast-paced action. These games cover various genres, such as racing, platforming, fighting and puzzles. Each game has a unique control scheme, often involving several keyboard keys to control the main character. The site also offers search tools that allow users to find games that aren't in the arcade style.

Many of the arcade games on the site are also non-commercial fan games that use art, sounds and characters from existing gaming franchises but do not have the correct licensing to sell or monetize the game. One example of this is "Super Mario Star Scramble 2." The game uses Nintendo's flagship Mario character and world as the basis for the game, but it is not officially endorsed or approved by the company. At the bottom of each game's page is a list of similar games.

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