What Are Some Examples of Mafia Games?


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Some examples of free-to-play mafia games include "Mafia Wars" and "Mob Wars," each of which allow users to play for free or make in-game purchases to run a mob organization. Console and PC mafia games include "Mafia 2," "Grand Theft Auto 3" and "The Godfather The Game."

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Both "Mafia Wars" and "Mob Wars" follow a similar social game model in that players are able to share progress in different in-game tasks and interact with different friends on the hosting social media site, such as Facebook, via messaging and sharing. Rather than place the player in a first- or third-person view of a particular character, all actions occur through menu commands. Each action includes a description of the event and an energy requirement to complete, which also includes a timer for completing the action. Players speed up tasks or earn more energy by participating in social actions or purchasing special items using real money.

The game "Mafia 2" features a fully three-dimensional world and allows players to control an Italian-American World War II veteran who joins a local mafia to make ends meet. "Grand Theft Auto 3" features a similar open-world design and allows the player to climb the ranks of a local mafia family. "The Godfather The Game" by Electronic Arts enables players to relive the events of books and play as members of the Corleone mob family.

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